Summersoup "Soup through the Garden"

This summer soup used to be called the "Soup across the garden". Everything that was still in stock in the pantry or was growing in the garden was used there in innumerable combinations. Even if summer time is not necessarily associated with soup dishes, this summer soup is also extremely suitable for hot days. I like to serve it with a couple of homemade soup dumplings, these also make the soup a bit creamier. You can find this simple dumpling recipe here in the recipe database.

Duration: Approx. 30 minutes

Amount: 8-10 portions


1 litre of meat or vegetable broth

8 carrots

1 turnip

1 celery root

2 leeks

1 teaspoon of sugar

½ small savoy cabbage

1 lettuce

Mixed fresh soup herbs, e.g. Marjoram, lovage, parsley

A handful of peas and green beans

Roasted white or brown bread croutons or, alternatively, soup dumplings


8 carrots, a turnip, a celery root and two leeks are cut into about 3 centimetres long pieces and sautéed with 60 grams of butter in a saucepan.

Then you pour some broth over the vegetables and add a teaspoon of sugar.

Half a small savoy cabbage is freed from its ribs, cut into fine strips along with a lettuce and sautéed with the root vegetables. Now pour in the rest of the broth.

In the meantime, blanch a handful of peas and green beans and place them in the soup bowl.

Pour the freshly steamed fresh herbs and broth over the peas and beans.

Serve with roasted white or brown bread croutons or with soup dumplings.

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