About me

"Hello, my name is Iris, Let me show you how our ancestors looked after their homes and ran their household."

- Iris von Stephanitz

As a freelance Art Historian and Archaeologist, I have been working for museums for more than 20 years and for theatre, radio and television for 12 years.

I am particularly interested in imparting traditional knowledge about living habits, nutrition and housekeeping from the Neolithic to modern times.

  • How were house and yard kept clean in the past?
  • Which work processes were part of daily life?
  • How were bread, butter, cheese and sausage made?
  • Which preservation techniques were used?
  • Which spices were at hand?
  • How did the products taste?
  • What was baked and cooked?

We can learn and gain a lot from traditional household knowledge. Our modern day waste problems, for instance, were not known to our ancestors. Our shopping habits, the way we organize our lives and raise our families can affect trade and our environment more than you think.