"Laubfrösche" Tree Frogs

These "tree frogs" (Laubfrösche) are a purely vegetarian, historical dish. Normally they should be known to some filled with minced meat. These are filled with a mixture of herbs and white bread and are wrapped in blanched spinach or chard leaves and fried all over again. A real treat, served with a roux sauce and fine boiled potatoes.

Duration: 45 minutes

Amount: Serves 5-10


Some spinach or chard leaves

1 small white toast bread without the crust

Some Milk

1 tablespoon of butter

Chives and Parsley

1-3 eggs

Salt and pepper


500 millilitres to 1 litre of vegetable stock




1. Briefly blanch spinach or chard leaves in boiling water.

2. Remove the crust from the toast bread and soak the inside in some milk.

3. Squeeze the bread and sauté in a little butter.

4. Add finely chopped parsley, chives, salt and pepper and mix with enough eggs to form a good, homogeneous but not too liquid mixture

5. Place two spinach or chard leaves on top of each other, fill with the bread and egg mixture and roll it up.

6. Melt some butter in the roasting pan and sauté the tree frogs at a low temperature for 7 minutes on one side and then 7 minutes on the other side.

7. Pour in the broth and stew the little spinach parcels in it.

8. Form dumplings with flour and butter and make a roux with the remaining broth in another saucepan.

9. Carefully pour the resulting sauce over the tree frogs and simmer for about half an hour over low heat.

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