Vegetable Omelette

I found this vegetarian recipe from the handwritten historical cookbook of my great-grandmother Jenny under the heading "Vegetables". It was originally intended with Brussels sprouts. Since I didn't have some in the house, the recipe was quickly modified and made with cauliflower. This omelette is an easy and quick one. It tastes very nice filled with Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or other vegetables such as carrots or broccoli. A variant with Mediterranean vegetables would also be conceivable. The omelettes are first fried in the pan, then filled with the pre-cooked vegetables, topped with sour cream and then baked in a baking dish in the oven until golden brown. Their taste reminds me so much of Yorkshire pudding. Very nice!

Duration: 45 minutes

Amount: 5-6 portions


For the vegetables:

500 grams of vegetables (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots)

1 litre of water for boiling

Some butter

For the omelette:

1 egg each

1 tablespoon each of flour

1 tablespoon of water each

Oil for the pan

For the topping:

250 grams sour cream

Some milk


1. Wash and clean the vegetables and cook them in boiling, slightly salted water until they are almost cooked but still have a bite.

2. Drain the water and toss the vegetables in a little butter.

3. For the omelette batter, mix one tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of water for each egg you use.

4. Season the dough with salt, pepper and Provencal herbs.
5. Pour a ladle full of batter on a well-greased pan and bake on both sides until golden .

6. Put the omelette in a lightly greased baking dish. Fill the middle of each omelette with the cooked vegetables and roll up tightly. Keep doing this until the baking dish is completely filled.

7. Whisk 250 grams of sour cream with a little milk and distribute it over the omelettes.

8. Bake by 200°C for 20-30 minutes until golden brown.

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