Elderberry Soup

The elderberries of the black elder (Sambucus nigra) are also known in German as lilac berries, even though this name has nothing to do with the lilac trees. The elder has been valued as a medicinal plant for hundreds of years. Its juice has been proven to prevent colds and helps the sick to recover faster. The juice enjoyed as a soup is not only tasty, but also healthy. Here is an old recipe for an elderberry soup with apples, pears, and plums.

Duration: 30 minutes

Amount: Serves 5-10


125-250 millilitres of elderberry juice

2 apples

2 pears

4-5 plums

Extra water

Potato flour


1. Put the elderberry juice in a saucepan.

2. Cut the apples, pears, and plums into small pieces and add them to the juice.

3. Put the juice on the stove or fire and bring it to a simmer.

4. Let the soup simmer until the fruits are tender.

5. If too much liquid has evaporated, add some extra water or juice.

6. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of potato flour with a little cold water in a cup and pour it into the soup whilst stirring until it starts to thicken.

Tip: The elderberry soup also tastes very good as the main course and is then served with nice creamy semolina.

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