Warm Cheese Sticks

My great-grandmother Jenny's (1883-1940) cheese sticks should be tried warm directly from the oven, because that's when they taste best. But they are also excellent to enjoy cold and then with a good glass of red wine or an aperitif. They are quick to prepare with just a few ingredients.

Duration: 25 minutes

Amount: Approx. 20 sticks


125 grams butter

125 grams parmesan cheese, grated

Pinch of Salt

125 grams flour

1-2 tablespoons sour cream


1. Place the butter, the grated parmesan cheese, a pinch of salt and the flour in a bowl.

2. Then bring the mixture with the help of a few spoons of sour cream well together, to achieve a smooth dough.

3. Now form finger-thick sticks from the dough and then bake them at 200°C on the middle rail for 17-20 minutes until golden brown.

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