Medlar Jam

Medlar, Asperl, dog ass. This fruit has many names, but it belongs like the apple, the pear or the plum to the rose family. Their taste is incomparable. It is somewhat reminiscent of pears with a vanilla flavor. The medlar tree (Latin: Mespilus germanica) with its bizarre growth and its sweeping crown, blooms from May to June. Its unusual, golden brown, rough fruits ripen in late October/ early November. However, they should get a little frost before processing, if necessary you can help with the storage in a freezer. When processed into jam, medlars taste particularly good on pancakes.

Duration: 1 hour

Amount: Several glasses of 250 millilitres each


1-2 kilograms medlars

Some water

About 1 Kilogramm 1:1 preserving sugar


1. One to two kilograms of medlars are required for this recipe.

2. The medlars are washed, the stems and flower roots removed and then frozen in the freezer for a few days.

3. Now that they have got frost, the fruits are placed in a tall saucepan, covered with a little water and brought to a boil until the fruits are soft and fall apart.

4. The medlars are now freed from their thick kernels with the hands and then passed through a fine sieve, or better, through a "Flotte Lotte".

5. Weigh the resulting pulp and boil it down 1: 1, i.e. 1 kilogram of pulp to 1 kilogram of preserving sugar, to make the jam.

6. Make a gel test and fill into sterilized jars.

Tip: If possible, wear gloves when removing the core, as the tannins contained in the medlar can stain the hands brown.

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