"Let me show you how you can use old knowledge even today and do something good for yourself, your family and the environment."

- Iris von Stephanitz

Hello, I'm Iris von Stephanitz ...

Let me show you how our ancestors looked after their homes and ran their household.

As a freelance Art Historian and Archaeologist, I have been working for museums for more than 20 years and for theatre, radio and television for 12 years. My particular interest lies in imparting traditional knowledge about living habits and housekeeping from the Neolithic to modern times.

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My course program

In my courses you can learn why bread used to have a much longer shelf life, how you can make dairy products yourself and how to keep your home clean with non-toxic and simple means.

Find out how you can still use old knowledge today and do something good for yourself, your family and the environment.

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Recipes and handy household tips

From delicious cakes to environmentally friendly cleaning agents - browse through my collection of recipes and household tips. Try and make your own products with the help of old knowledge, a little money and time.

This is the only way you can be sure which ingredients are actually contained in the everyday products used by you and your family.

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